Thank you for donating!

All of your donations go to the support of First Aid Center that opened its doors in August of 2018. 

At the moment we are operating out of a very small rental office however any donation overages of monthly operation costs will go towards our own building that we hope to build in the nearest future!


We also are looking for new and used medical items. Please contact us for making any kind of medical donation.

All cash donations are tax deductible

Venmo: 760-271-5977.

Please add a note that your donation is for the First Aid Health Center.  


We have a "Items Needed" List on Amazon!!!

If you are coming soon to Hacienda Iguana, Nicaragua and have room in your luggage please follow the link to order the supplies, or if you are not planning on visiting any time soon but would like to contribute by ordering please email us and we will give you a shipping address in the US.

All donations are tax deductible.

Please request the receipt for your tax records

Oscar Espinoza