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Beach Patrol

It was recently reported that Semana Santa had quite a few deaths by drowning in Nicaragua.

I’m very happy to report none of those were at Hacienda Iguana Beach. Our Beach Patrol stayed extremely busy the entire week!

Our stats are the following:

Preventative calls*- 10 warnings Near drownings/rescues^- 4 lives Moving and placing red, rip current flags-all day as our rips can change location.

*A preventative call is a warning to people entering a rip current zone and then suggesting a better place to swim.

^A near drowning were people caught in a rip no longer able to swim in on their own.

While our Beach Patrol are not lifeguards yet, I’m extremely proud of our boys and their dedication to making our beaches safer. Having them and Dra Jackeline Toribio is making our community one of the safest to live or visit!

We were able to have them work every day during Semana Santa with donations from Jill Tevin Cox, Don Cords, Emiliano Abate , Kelley and Brendan Synnott (thank you for having food delivered everyday so the boys didn’t leave their post) Michael Doan(for donating a bike and bringing down equipment from ),Pili's Kitchen - Hacienda Iguana's Beach Club for afternoon smoothies, Iguana Surf Rentals (Seth and Lindsey Sherman Morrill) for donating a radio so our Los Perros post has communication with the guards and HI, Isa at VeGarden for sweet treats, and Robert and Ruth Parry for allowing us to use their porch as a south end post.

Many ask how to help (and it doesn’t always have to be with money) Make a sandwich and deliver to the Beach Patrol so they don’t leave their post Support a local business and send a meal (Contact Megan Lachi) Volunteer an hour so boys can have a break.

Or because we do rely 100%on your donations for the Beach Patrol: Make an automatic monthly $5 donations (or more) on PayPal Donate to our Barbara Lancaster Memorial Fund via paypal (write in notes Barbara) Attend our Fun in The Sun fundraiser at Pili’s on April 25th. If you can’t attend, buy a dinner for a local to attend.(More details coming soon) Buy raffle tickets (you don’t have to be present to win)

While the HOA graciously is helping keep our Farmacia Iguana up and running, we need donations to maintain our current and future Beach Patrol.

*all donations are tax deductible Please donate at:

Please send any comments including constructive criticism to Megan Mack Lachi (+1-760-271-5977). We can only grow with +/- feedback.\

Thank you all for your support to make Hacienda Iguana one of Nicaragua's best places to be!


Megan Lachi

Nica Heartbeat

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