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Supplies People Can  Easily Donate ANYTIME!

We have a list of supplies that can easily donated on your next trip to Nicaragua. 

  • splints

  • thermometers

  • stethoscope

  • blood pressure cuffs

  • QuikClot

  • otoscope

  • speculums

  • tweezers

  • scissors

  • pen light 

  • IV bags

  • duct tape

  • Ambu bag

  • thermal blankets 

  • steri strips

  • bandaids all sizes needed 

  • gauze. All sizes needed 

  • ace bandages

  • tongue depressors

  • gloves

  • first aid tape

  • C collars

****Contact us if you would like to send supplies down sooner than your next trip.  We are often between the USA and Nicaragua and can take down any donations.  We can arrange for pick up or send personally through to us via amazon.

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