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Silent Auction

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Thank you everyone once again for coming and supporting Nica Heartbeat! Please see below for the lucky winners of the silent auction!!

Aurea - Tony Lewis

Iguana Surf Rentals-J. Lynn

Nica Surf Shots by Brian Scott - Jett

Casa Colorados - Brett

Pure Massage - David Burch

Golf cart rental by Iguana Surf Rental - Jonathan

Surf Watch donated by Mike Doan - Emi

Artwork by Jessica Jones - David Burch

Playa Colorado Surf and Storage - Megan Lachi

Rip Curl Watch donated by Mike Doan-Emi

Artwork by Josee-Greg Ellingson and Kris Qllen (Thank you David Burch for allowing them to outbid you the next day....and keep your generous donation!!!!)

Thanks again to all!!! We couldn't do this without all of your support. Pictures and more details coming soon!!!!

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